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Justine & Child Deb Tilton Fitness Testi

Justine Hill, Warrior Mama

I have been a client of Deb’s for about 4 years, and part of her Deb Tilton Fitness virtual community for about a year. When I first started working out with Deb, I loved how easy it was to connect with her and feel welcomed in her classes. Deb has a way of creating a safe space for clients to push our limits, but also respect each person’s individual fitness needs. The variety of class styles ensures that there’s something for everyone, at any level, and the sense of community among clients makes showing up live each day so worth it!

Heidi Hysell Deb Tilton Fitness Testimonial.JPG

Heidi Hysell, Fitness Fan

I've been taking classes with Deb for about a year now and let me just start with this - she has been INSTRUMENTAL at getting me to work out at 5:30 a.m. in the morning during the work week, which is no small feat! Her energy is infectious and she knows her stuff! She's great at tweaking form (even in a virtual format!), offering modifications and always reminds you that it is YOUR workout! 


Allison Mirabito, Warrior Mom

Let me just say I LOVE Deb’s classes! Her energy is unmatched! Her classes are fun, make me stronger, encouraging, informative, and hit every part of the body. Deb has a passion for people and helping women get fit and it shines right through my computer screen! I already feel myself getting stronger and with her help, I know I’ll meet my goals. If you want to have fun, get fit, be encouraged by Deb and other women - join, you won’t regret it (plus her playlists are worth getting up for)!


Amber Leone, Warrior Woman

I have been working out with Deb since I moved to Syracuse 9 years ago and I have followed her as she has evolved. Her workouts are fun, dynamic and most of all, challenging while being versatile at every level! Whether you are a postpartum mom, new to working out or a seasoned veteran, Deb has a workout for you.

I love the mix of cardio, weights and compound movements. Plus she has killer playlists and a great community of women who are all supportive of each other! I end every work day with a Deb Tilton workout and it sets a positive tone for the rest of my evening. 

I haven’t been to a conventional gym in years now and I have no plans to go back! 

Diamando Stratakos Deb Tilton Fitness Testimonial.jpeg

Diamando Stratakos, Late Riser

As a woman who is not a mom and doesn't like waking up early, I was certain that Deb's classes were not for me... but I gave it a try was hooked before the class even started. I had never experienced such a detailed and caring conversation about ME prior to any workout, let alone a virtual one. I knew I had hit the jackpot in terms of connecting with an amazing person... then I took the class and knew I had also found someone who could truly kick my butt. Seriously, she is an ANIMAL (in the best possible way). I love her classes so much that I even consider waking up to attend them live. I said consider... ;-)


Stephanie Ruston, Fitness Fan

I have been working out with DT Fitness since April, 2021. When Deb started, she was only doing a Saturday morning class. I thought, why not? I see Deb posting about her workouts and they look fun and I need something more than just running. After the 1st class, I was hooked. Deb creates fun workouts that are easy to follow and if you need a variation of a move, she is there for you. I now workout with Deb at least 4x a week and try not to miss a day. And if I do miss a day, the on-demand videos are great. Deb keeps the workouts fun, fresh and flexible!


Stacey Kapusinksi, Fit Fan

The workouts are so fun, and the fellow members are totally inspiring. Live workouts mean instant feedback and adjustments in real time, along with tons of encouragement and interaction. Replays are perfect for when life gets in the way and helps to get the workouts done, no excuses. You will not do the same workout twice and the results are real. The addition of skills sessions and master classes means that there are so many opportunities for personal growth, not just in the gym but in all aspects of your life. I can't recommend this program enough.

Carly Rodgers Deb Tilton Fitness Testimonial.heic

Carly Rodgers, Warrior Mama

I have been working out with Deb for about a year. Her fun demeanor and energy in and out of her classes has helped to transform my mindset about working out. She accepts that no person is perfect and offers modifications without judgement or pressure. Her group chats help tremendously with accountability and to cheer each other on to overcome challenges.


Carrie Six, Fitness Fan

I was so excited to find Deb's classes!!  She offers a wide variety of classes throughout the week and you have the option of doing some or all!  The ability to have easy access to replays is amazing!!  Life happens and if you miss a class, it will be there waiting for you!  Deb's classes are fun and energetic with great music!  They fly by!!!  Most importantly, Deb is super encouraging and supportive!!  She offers modifications and really makes you feel like you can be successful in your fitness journey, no matter where you currently are in that journey!

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