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Fitness and wellness aren't just about moving your body. That's why each and every month, I provide you with opportunities to strengthen your foundation in a variety of ways.

From monthly masterclasses to skills workshops to challenges, there is something for everyone!

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No upcoming events at the moment

Did you miss something? Catch the recording!

Mindful & Emotional Eating Deb Tilton Fitness Rachel Harvey dtfitness.jpg

Are you learning to love yourself where you are? At the same time, are you striving to move yourself forward? 

Coach Rachel Harvey is going to lead us through gaining emotional freedom and stepping into your full confidence during this Masterclass.

Come find out why emotional eating is one of the hardest habits to break, and how to outsmart it once and for all. You will leave with a mindful eating strategy to take back control from food, that will help you meet those amazing goals of yours!

We will cover:

  1. Why discipline is not the problem: the subconscious parts of emotional eating that make the habit so hard to break.

  2. How to stop the mental wrestling match that begins each time you try to “eat clean.” 

  3. How to navigate triggers (emotional and situational ones… holidays, I’m looking at you!)

  4. We will formulate a written plan (don’t worry, we will write it together), to help you take control and achieve your goals. 

Plus there will be an opportunity for LIVE Q&A with Rachel at the end.

Core Stability Skills Class Deb Tilton Fitness dtfitness.jpg

Core stability is about more than just 6-pack abs... although they can be nice too.


In this one hour workshop, we will:

1. Define what "core" really means

2. Address the four main core muscles that act as stabilizers; aka- the foundation to core and total body movement.

3. Review breathing technique

4. Discuss progressions to gaining a stronger core

Plus, at the end we will have a 15 minute core strength workout and open the floor to LIVE Q&A. 

You will receive personalized attention throughout the class.


If you are one of the first 8 people to register for the class, you will also get a 1-on--1 slot for form-fixing and adjustment.

You won't want to miss this!

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